Prompt spill clean-up limits the spread of contamination.

Spill Decontamination Kits for Aromatic Amines

CLI products provide an easy and effective means to clean-up surfaces contaminated by these chemical spills. Aqueous based, biodegradable decontamination solutions are pH adjusted to neutralize toxicity and wash clean with water. SWYPE™ Pads, with detection levels as low as 3-5 µg, change color to bright red-orange if aromatic amines or isocyanates are present. Using SWYPEs™ confirms decontamination is complete.








  • Aromatic Isocyanates
  • Aromatic Amines
  • Aliphatic Isocyanates


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 Aromatic Isocyanate Spill Kit Contents
Aromatic Amine Spill Kit Contents
Aliphatic Isocyanate Spill Kit Contents